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Do you want to guarantee that your car is well-serviced before heading on a long drive outside of the city?
You may want to avail the feature of our Quick Service.

What does our Quick Service has to offer with TOTAL ASSURANCE?

  • If it has been quite some time that your vehicle had an oil change, then you can leave it to the Quick Service experts to do the needful.
  • Check your engine & system inside-out and get going with repairs.
  • Ensure that your car is in tune with environment by reducing harmful emissions.
  • Provide you with a quick but detailed auto-inspection report.
  • Are you heading soon to a grand event? Leave it to quick service experts to ensure that your car looks clean & spotless.

How about road side assistance & mobile car service?

We are ready 24/7 at your service, and just one phone call away at +974-7799 5666.

Are you in need of a quick service for your car? Call +974-4436 5633 or+974-4435 5566.

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As a corporate representative or an individual who considers purchasing a fleet of vehicles, how about choosing to go for leasing option?

If you are in need of vehicles on long term basis, you can take advantage of our leasing service.

What does our leasing service have to offer?

As we specialise in all class of vehicles (including luxury), you have an opportunity to choose from wide range of cars.

What are the benefits that you can enjoy in leasing option that ensures TOTAL SATISFACTION?

  • Drive conveniently as the leasing service is offered with free insurance of full passenger liability
  • Vehicle services offered with 24/7 road assistance and vehicle replacement on breakdowns.
  • You have the flexibility to choose from variety of brand new vehicles 
  • And not just these: you can easily choose to buy the car at the end of the leasing contract.

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1- Delivery and Collection:

  • The lessee acknowledges that by signing this lease she/he agrees to having received the vehicle in good condition and suitable for use.
  • The lessee shall return the vehicle in the same condition with all accompanying documents and accessories on the agreed time, date and place during the working days from Saturday to Thursday between 8:00am to 12:00pm, & 4:00pm to 8:00pm, except Fridays and public holidays of the year.
  • The lessee shall not extend the lease beyond the specified date in the lease (without referring to the lessor) but must return the vehicle on the agreed date. Failure to comply gives the lessor the right to repossess the vehicle without any prior notice to the lessee and also levy additional charges for cancellation and loss of bookings.
  • The vehicle is subjected to full inspection within 24 hours from the time of returning to ascertain any damage or misuse, the lessor has the right to charge the lessee for the inspection cost and any damages might arise in the inspection report.

2- Rental Charges:

  • Rental charges must be paid in advance. Extra kilometer, days or hours computes according the rental rate mentioned in the lease.
  • The lessee shall leave a deposit at the time of rental. The deposit amount depends on the rented vehicle and the length of rental.
  • The lessee acknowledges that he is accepting the rental rate stated in this lease as well as the tariff of the extra services such (kilometer, accessories and extra hours, etc…)
  • The lessee shall not extend the lease without paying the full value of that period in advance.
  • In the event of an accident caused by the lessee or a missing third party the lessee shall pay the insurance excess liability stated in the lease. Traffic violations, parking tickets and any other expenses during the period of lease will be charged.
  • Cost of damages resulting from misuse or neglect as well as towing expense will be charged.
  • In case of Traffic violation by the lessee i.e overtaking on the right side, that would require the vehicle to be held for a certain duration at the police station. The lessee is fully responsible to pay the rental duration and any other cost until released.
  • In case of payment delay for more than 48 hours, 10% will apply on daily basis as a penalty.

3- Periodic Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Periodic maintenance of the vehicle including oil changes etc is the lessor responsibility.
  • The lessee must provide the lessor with the reading of the odometer every 15 days.
  • New vehicles will be serviced after 1,000 Kms and subsequently after every 9,000km.
  • Failure to comply will entail a fine of Qr. 1,500 on the part of the lessee.
  • The lessee shall check the vehicle for radiator liquid, battery and tires pressure.
  • If the vehicle is involved in accident either while driving or in vehicle parking, lessee is legally required to procure and submit a police report to the lessor stating the damages and explanation of the accident.
  • Lessee shall pay the insurance excess if confirmed that the accident was the lessee’s fault or unknown third party.
  • Lessee shall pay any damages not mentioned in the police report.
  • Lessee will not be entitled to get a replacement vehicle in case of accident if there is no police report.
  • Replacement vehicle must be returned by lessee within 24 hours of being informed of the availability of the originally vehicle, failure to comply will entail a delay fine based on the daily rate of this lease.

4- Driving Licenses Allowed:

  • The lessee must present a valid Qatar driver’s license, with one year practice at least.
  • Non Residents are allowed to drive using their international driver’s license for maximum period of three months from the date of entry Qatar.
  • GCC nationals can drive in Qatar with their GCC driver’s license without any restrictions.
  • Non GCC nationals who hold a driver’s license issued by any of the GCC countries can only drive for 3 months from their arrival in Qatar.
  • The lessee is wholly responsible for any or all costs arising out of violation of any of the above mentioned conditions including.

5- Insurance and Coverage: 

  • Comprehensive insurance with passenger’s accident cover will be provided by the lessor in compliance with terms and condition of the insurance company.
  • The lessee is obliged to pay insurance excess in the event of an accident caused by the lessee or a missing third party or if the hired vehicle is totally lost.
  • In the event of many accidents, the lessee shall provide a separate police reports for each accident and pays the insurance excess for each accident.
  • Insurance does not include undisclosed damages.

6- Insurance Is Considered Void If:

  • The accident occurred on unpaved roads.
  • The vehicle’s wheels or tires are damaged by bad roads.
  • The lessee is found to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • If the vehicle is found driven by someone not stated in this lease.
  • The Lessee cross the traffic lights.
  • Failure to comply with lease conditions makes the lessee liable for all damages up to the full value of the vehicle.
  • The Vehicle gets flooded by water causing any kind of damages.

7- General Terms And Clarifications:

  • The lessee should be 23 years of age or above and should hold a valid driving license issued within the past one year.
  •  Smoking inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited and the lessee will be fined QR 500 if any sign of smoking is detected by the lessor upon receiving the vehicle.
  •  All business relations between the lessee and the lessor end with the safe return to the vehicle to the lessor in good condition (after receiving the inspection report).
  •  The lessor has the right to repossess the vehicle in the event of nonpayment, delayed payment (more than 48 hours) and failure to the lessee’s part to contact the lessor.
  •  The lessor has no responsibility for any missing valuables after receiving the vehicle from the lessee.
  •  The lessee shall not hire out the lessor’s vehicle to any other party or parties and shall not use it as a limousine service.
  •  The lessee must provide a legitimate means of guarantee to the lessor i.e. a genuine credit card, valid for up to a month and acknowledge the lessor’s has the right to use the lessee’s credit card without prior notice.
  •  The lessee shall not use the lessor’s vehicle outside the borders of the State of Qatar.
  •  The lessee must settle the traffic violations that occur during the lease period within seven days.
  •  All terms and conditions contained in this lease are subject to change according to the laws of the state of Qatar.
  •  All terms and condition mentioned above from an integral part of the lease between the lessor and lessee.
  •  The lessee agrees that by signing this lease she/he authorizes the lessor to use his/her credit card to make payments on any dues whether rental, damages or traffic violations.
  •  The lessee acknowledges that by signing this lease she/he has thoroughly read and understood all the terms and conditions contained herein and is therefore responsible for their violation.
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