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1- What are the Rental Requirements?

  • The renter should be over 21 years old.

  • Valid Qatari driving licenses for Qatar residents, the driving licenses of GCC and International are acceptable for specific period.

  • Refundable Security Deposit (Cash or Card).

 2- In case of Accident what should I do?

  • Call the police patrol and don't move the car from the location of accident until the police arrives.

  • Don't accept any liability; contact our office immediately for assistance and advice.

  • Ensure to get copy of police report for insurance company and repairs.

  • Client can not replace the damage vehicle without police report, and all necessary documents.

  • The replaced vehicle could be the same type or similar.

3- How fines will be charged if I left the country?

  • If the client incurs any traffic violation during the rental, fines would be charged to the security deposit, therefore we are holding the deposit for 14 days from the returned date of the vehicle.

4- If I return the vehicle early will I receive a refund for unused days?

  • Unfortunately, no refunds are given if the vehicle is returned, the remaining amount would be carried to the client can use for rent any time.

5- Can we request a certain type of car?

  • Unfortunately, we can never guarantee the make or model of any vehicle, this is why we do state it would be that vehicle or similar.

6- What is the minimum period of rental?

  • Every 24 hours, or any part of 24 hours is considered a day.

  • There is a one day minimum charge for all rentals. A delay of up to 59 minutes is acceptable.

  • In case of 60 minutes or longer delay the daily or extra day charge will be applied.

  •  Rentals returned after due date without prior arrangements will be charged for extra time period.

7- Are there Mileage restrictions?

  • There is 130 KM Mileage restrictions per day
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